File Formats

There are several file formats in which your custom digital illustrations can be sent to you.

If you want to insert your drawings as pictures into Microsoft Word, (if you don't have Adobe Illustrator and a Mac), then you'll need to receive your drawings as pdf files. No problem.

If you're going to use your drawings on the web, I can provide jpegs or png files. You can specify the size in pixels. Easy.

If you're going to have me assemble your captions and drawings in pages, then what you'll receive is a multi-page pdf file. Or you can have each page a separate pdf. No problem. (I'll quote a per-page price for layout.)

If you are a professional graphic designer, you can specify how you need the files. I work in CS2 on a Mac.

I do these drawings in Adobe Illustrator with a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet. The file produced has no size/resolution limits. It's a vector file (it's pure math). You could take your pdf files to a printer and make huge posters and the lines would still be smooth.

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