Tips on taking exercise photos

  1. Wear something that reveals what your body is doing. It looks best if all the images have you in the same outfit.
  2. Flash is OK. Light from a window is great if I'm going to be adding gray or colors.
  3. If you're shooting someone lying on the floor, sit on the floor to take the photos.
  4. If you're shooting someone standing, shoot from down at waist level, or the person's legs will be short and their feet will be tiny like in those celebrity red carpet photos.
  5. If in doubt, shoot the same pose from several different angles and let me choose the best one.
  6. Don't cut off heads and limbs, even if you are focusing on one part of the body.
  7. After you get your photos onto your computer, re-name each photo in a way that will make sense with your text. For example: QigongPart2Exercise15.jpg
  8. It's best to attach only two or three photos per email.

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